Versatility. Fast Turnaround. Quality. Satisfaction. Just four of the reasons Alloy Castings decorative poles, fire alarm pedestals, traffic bases, and bollards have become the choice of municipalities and contractors throughout the United States and in many other countries. We are one of the few foundries to have a complete product line, with turnaround of 4-6 weeks no matter whether you need 10 poles or 100. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being able to assist you in designing any custom pole or base you need. Time and again, our customers state that they purchase our products because of the sturdy construction, attention to detail, and our responsiveness. We look forward to working with you.

Alloy Castings had its modest beginnings in 1948 when Alexander Santilli started the business in his garage. ACC's first major breakthrough was producing fire alarm pedestals for Boston and several other municipalities. Very quickly the quality work brought orders for traffic light bases and other associated products. In addition, castings were and are produced for a wide range of commercial, industrial and high tech industries. Alloy Castings also produces a wide range of reproduction antique poles and bases for period lighting fixtures.

In 1978, Alexander retired and was succeeded by his son, Frank. Under his leadership, the business has constantly expanded throughout New England at first and now castings are shipped nationwide.

Today, there are few places in the country where you are far from an ACC Casting!

Alloy Castings Co., Inc. 2009