Alloy Castings Co. Inc. can help you get the job done, just ask Vibco Vibrators.

Vibco was selected to provide vibrators & brackets for consolidating concrete poured to build the walls and foundation for the 1776 foot tall Freedom Tower in New York City.

The vibrators needed to be assembled and delivered in 2 and a half days by Vibco to fulfill their requirements, so they called Alloy Castings, Co. Inc. needing a rush job.

Alloy Castings, Co. Inc. completed the task and helped Vibco stay on schedule. When you need the job done fast allow Alloy Castings, Co. Inc. to help you achieve your goal.


Alloy Castings Co. Inc. was hired by Universal Studios Florida to help recreate an old fashioned New York City street at Universals $600-million tourist attraction, movie and television production complex in Orlando Florida.

Alloy Castings was contracted to manufacture historic fire alarm boxes and pedestals to line the side walks of "New York Street"

The New York Street will recreate time periods in New York City dating back to 1930 and gradually moving up to 1960. Using original patterns for the fire alarm pedestals from 1930 New York City, Alloy Castings was able to recreate them for an authentic look.


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